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Dimitri Tambossis was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary on the 20th of August 1949. From the very beginning his artistic nature and his thirst for experience and travels were revealed. In 1958 he comes to Greece and learns his maternal language.


The first steps are made in around 1963 when he falls in love for the very first time with… a guitar. This is it. His passion and talent lead him to the brand new world of music. Still a self-taught youngster, he becomes a member (as a guitarist/lead singer) of the group "SHARKS" and they keep winning in musical contests in Athens. They’re influenced by The Beatles, Otis Redding, James Brown. Still a schoolboy, he starts working professionally in the biggest clubs at the time (Autoclub, StorksQueen Anne, Acropol, Stork, Athinaia, Piper…) with "CINQUETTI", "STORKS" and "ARTOMICS".


In 1968 Dimitri signs his first contract with Columbia Records in Athens and releases two singles. During that time, and with the help and the songs of Mimis Plessas ("Search for love", "Sunshine for your dreams",…), he appears in the big screen.


"With 4 dollars in my pocket, a suitcase and many dreams" as he characteristically says, he leaves Greece in 1970. Destination, Paris.
After Vangelis Papathanassiou has left the group "APHRODITE’S CHILD", the rest of the members (i.e. Demis Roussos and Loukas Sideras) ask Dimitri (guitarist/lead vocalist), Lakis Vlavianos (keyboard player) and Charis Chalkitis (bass, sax & congas) to join the group, and all together tour around Europe for more than a year. Afterwards, the group "EROS" (with Loukas Sideras, Lakis Vlavianos, Charis Chalkitis and Dimitri Tambossis) is created and releases one single.


Dimitri’s next step is to sign with Polygram – Philips Records, in France, as a solo-singer. The single "Poor soul" is the first huge success that leads him to the No 1 place of the French charts. An unexpected life begins filled with many concerts, TV appearances and successive hits that provide him with a unique fan club and a permanent presence in the European Top Ten. He makes live appearances in Italy, Luxemburg, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Monte Carlo, Belgium …


Unfortunately, his contract with Philips seems to be an obstacle when America’s record companies have started proposing to him since 1975. Therefore, he is forced to decline every one of them. In 1979 he comes back to Greece, where he records his first personal album "Dimitris Tambossis" with greek lyrics and songs written by Stamatis Spanoudakis. A couple of years later, there comes his second greek album "Dimitris Tambossis" with songs written by himself and Stamatis Spanoudakis, along with the collaboration of Dimitris Katakouzinos.


In 1982, "Kurie Tade" (Bensonhurst blues) is released. This third album is based on an idea by Fotis Metaxopoulos and Giannis Kalamitsis, again with the collaboration of Dimitris Katakouzinos. Aleka’s Kanellidou special appearance in the duet "Dos mou" is really worth mentioning. In the meantime, he participates in TV shows and video clips. Among these, he also produces Pavlos’ Sidiropoulos album "En lefko".


At last, the much desired trip to America is realized in 1983, and Dimitri has a real difficulty in hiding his astonishment. He tours throughout the U.S. and Canada. New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto are some of the cities that welcome Dimitri. After all, some of these cities –being the cradle of soul music- are the ones which have been inspiring him since his early years.


In 1988, he records one more album in English with Cathy’s and Riccardo’s Cocciante production in Miami.


In 1992, he composes the music for "The Man with the Flower in his Mouth", one of Pirandello’s theatrical plays which is put on stage in New York.


In 1993, he returns to Greece, and records his fourth greek album "Mia Fora". Meanwhile, in the winter of 1993, the Beppe’s Cantarelli 10th album is released and includes 2 more of Dimitri’s songs; "Gimme some loving" and "Forgive me". At the time, he composes music for the Greek national television, as well


In 1996, he resides for two more years in Chicago. 1998 is the year when he comes back to Greece. He composes the music for two of Despina’s Tomazani theatrical plays (1998 - "Inda", 2006 - "Faedra").


From 1999 up to 2010, he has lived and worked at Sofitel Capsis Hotel in Rhodes, Greece.


Now, he lives in Athens Greece and keeps on working on his music and singing, preparing his next album!

Money, glory, experiences and …disappointments. This is Dimitri’s life. He keeps on moving forward, though. Neither the unexpected nor the unknown have ever scared him. Besides, by the time he was 10 years old, he just took the bus and left…